Iron Knob is said to be the birth place of the Steel Industry in Australia and has certainly played a prominent role in the life of South Australia.

After nearly 100 years, mining at Iron Knob ended in April 1998, when the last ore was taken from the Iron Monarch open cut pit. Though some stock piles are still evident at Iron Monarch and if commodity prices are favourable in the future there still is ore to be extracted from these locations.


You can take a tour of the Iron Knob Mine which sits directly behind the town. Whilst on the tour you will also learn a little of the Towns history from your guide.

The views are fantastic from the top and the varying colours of the ore and over burden provide a great photo opportunity.

On your tour, your guide will talk in detail about the town’s history.  Then, you will be guided to the historic Iron Knob mine itself, where it all began.

Stand at the lookout and view the pit that had been had-dug by those tough, hard-working miners of the early days.  See the colours of the minerals in the rock faces as you feel the history, then return to the Tourist Centre to watch the video and view the unique items on display in the museum.

You may also browse the wide range of iron ore jewellery and souvenirs in the shop. Soft drinks, tea an coffee are available along with restroom facilities. 

The Historic Digger

Water in the Iron Monarch pit

A distant view of Iron Monarch

A modern day digger circuit

Further Information:

Tour times:


Monday to Friday 9:15am – 12:15pm & 1:15-2:45pm

Tour prices:


Adults – $5

Children – $1

Children under 5 are free

Bookings should be made in advance for all tours – please contact the
Tourist Centre on 08 8646 2129.

For special requests please call our Tourist Centre on 08 8646 2129 or our Post Office: 08 8646 2064. Alternatively you can email: progress1930@bigpond.com


Enclosed footwear is essential due to safety regulations. Tour availability is subject to extreme weather and mining activity (eg Blasting), in which case they may be unavailable or delayed.

Mainline train being loaded with crushed hematite

A loaded truck hauling 150 ton of product

Two drills work in tandem drilling holes in preparation to fill with explosives